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After being on hiatus for a few years, your favorite funk rock band is back with a new line-up!

Andi: Vocals & Guitars / Thorsten: Vocals & Bass / Freddy: Drums

This formation of The Letter 3 has been playing together since December 2005. Freddy and Thorsten have actually known each other and played music together since 1996, and have often been referred to as "musical soul mates". Andi has played together with Freddy in the band Nonsequence for a few years now, and his passion for raw high-energy music, weirdness and all things goofy made him the perfect match for The Letter 3.

The band's focus is on funk, rock, and fun, carrying on a tradition that was started by the original line-up back in 2001. Some old The Letter 3 classics like "Carry On", "Suggestion Box" and "Bloody Hands" have been revived and given a dynamic facelift, and are sounding more powerful than ever before! But the band is mainly busy working on new material, trying to keep up with their own ideas.